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The work of the Model Praxis team displays the expertise of a solid lineup of well-rounded professionals who, besides being fully committed to their tasks and clients' success, show high-quality performance in their endeavor sustained by exceptional human qualities, creative talents and professional skills. These skills and capabilities are grounded in no other process than commendable human and personal development, combined with appropriate training and extensive experience in business, academic and research. 

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Our team includes Principals and Consultants whose constructive collaboration aims at achieving best results to the satisfaction of our clients. In various fields of expertise, which include leadership development, monitoring and evaluation, academics, information technology, training, business and project management, we focus on a results-based approach to help our clients improve performance through the strategic alignment of the structural configuration with organizational priorities.

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Institutional Development

Training and support


Business Development Adviser

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Information Technology Security

Training and support

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Marketing and Communications



Market and Network Research


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