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Parliament Institutional Development in Digital Age:

Enacting Information Technology for Increased Parliamentary Efficiency and Best Practices

Research on the transforming power of technology has pointed to structural change and the range of change pursued or intended by agents within organizations (Garson, 2003; West, 2004; Boudreau and Robey, 2005). Some scholars, analyzing virtual government (Fountain, 2006),  have noted the correlation between structural change and the evolution of technology, arguing that integrating technology in organizations is not enough to cause structural change. Much also depends on structural factors and institutional processes to make technology positively operational. The use of Information technology is widespread and institutions of all kinds have integrated tools of information technology into their processes, letting these tools to restructure their way of operating.

Join us in our upcoming webinar, Enacting Information Technology for Increased Parliament Productivity and Best Practices. We will examine and share on strategies to best integrate information technology in the institutional functions of parliament. The following themes will be covered:

Image by Aditya Joshi
  • A constituent input-based dataset for legislation and oversight processes 

  • Upholding institutional capabilities for a more productive integration of information technology in parliamentary work

  • Plug-and-play approach versus institutional digital transformation for enhancing legislative and oversight efficiency and capacity.


Participants will have an opportunity to share about their parliament institutional behaviors and motivations, which have determined their choice of particular aspects of information technology


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