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Jeanne Lambert
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Jeanne Lambert started to work in marketing strategy four years ago with Synergie Family, a French company involved in education, and promoting personal development. She brings that experience and her talents to The Model Praxis, working in training and advising clients in the marketing and communications.  With her tact in efficiently presenting products to clients, Jeanne has developed a marketing strategy that reflects creative and effective communication, adapting her approach in accordance with cultural, social and economic particularities. She has helped businesses to use the right mix in communications effort with advertising, brand and product promotion and public relations. Jeanne started her career in the business as a negotiator, interacting with clients, some of which are key decision makers in business and government, with the goal of not only presenting products and creating opportunities, but also opening their minds to trends that, as a marketing executive, she was able to rightly spot in the market.

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