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The entrepreneur needs to be able to use common sense and have a level head when faced with the challenges of running a business. Once the business grows to the point where employees can be hired, fairness is expected from this new boss. A technological ability is not a requirement, but it does help quite a bit.


There are some exercises that can be done to strengthen each of these necessary traits in a person who wants to be his or her own boss. These exercises help to develop new means of reasoning and thinking. They also help to strengthen a person’s habits and provide a new mode of operation for that person. This can help a person to develop the traits that he or she needs in order to become a successful business person and entrepreneur.

The following topics are covered in this e-book:


  • Who is an Entrepreneur
  • Why it is Important to Identify Traits
  • Important Traits to Have
  • Leadership Skills
  • Level Headedness
  • How to Find if One Has the Traits
  • How to Develop the Traits

The Book of Powerful Entrepreneur Traits

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