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When it comes to leadership, it’s always a question about nature vs. nature. However, both are intertwined with each other and cannot be separated. Leadership cannot be discussed without considering both at the same time. Case in point would be chemical and hormonal changes in the body that will affect the disposition of the person. The disposition will affect the attitude and behavior, which are huge factors in leadership.

There are certain environments that are conducive for molding leaders. The environment plays a huge role in shaping the ideals, opinions, and values of a person. In general, many leadership attributes are shaped by external factors. Even if there are claims that leadership qualities are inherent in a person, the fact remains that a person will continue to develop for as long as he or she is alive. Some traits will be more developed by others.

This e-book covers the following themes:

  • The Leadership Gene
  • Becoming a Great Leader
  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Build Successful Teams & Relationships
  • Handle Hard Times & Conflicts Effectively

Take Charge: A Simple Guide to Effective Leadership

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