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This event is a retreat, part of the spirituality in the workplace series. It is a prayerful moment structured to steer meditations on the transformation of human consciousness as Christ's fundamental message and its significance the workplace. Its purpose is to guide businesses into living integrity and performing beyond the human and social conditioning centered on ethical and corporate requirements. It is about the practice of integrity and performance from a higher plane—a spiritual dimension displayed through life truthfully lived in oneness with God by walking by divine law (Psalm 119). With a vision unobstructed by egocentric interests and open to the active presence of the Spirit that elevates consciousness, integrity and work performance can be experienced as creative and life-giving, fostering wholeness and oneness through which individuals are mutually co-creators and aware of their interconnectedness.

The transformation of consciousness is the call Jesus addresses to humanity, to live in oneness with God (the Spirit), creation, each other, our respective communities, and the Kingdom or divine realm. It is a bid to embrace wholeness and oneness by living in the One Spirit in all, and to go beyond the dichotomizing perception that splits reality into opposites. Jesus's teaching heightens awareness of our being permeated by the omnipresent and encompassing divine realm. The Kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17: 21). It is all around and in all of us.

The scriptural basis of nonduality from a Christian perspective can be ascertained in the parables of the talents and the laborers (Mt 25:14-30; Mt 20: 1–16), which will serve as the framework for the meditations. The meditations will challenge to go beyond one's mind (metanoia) through a transformative process to embed nonduality in behaviors and worldviews. They constitute a spiritual path toward wholeness and undiminished and unquestionable participation in the Kingdom through wholly committed work performance.


Unwavering consciousness of the Presence of the Spirit implies oneness with it and undividedness. It activates our capacity to be and operate in the world by bringing forth what is within us, while the absence of such consciousness leads to self-destruction (The parable of the talents). The result is integral development made possible by bringing into manifestation what would otherwise remain unarticulated. Experience and see reality from the perspective of the Spirit: purposefulness and bountiful existence. The Spirit brings every existing reality into an interconnected presence and is the exalting living principle that instills growth and expansion beyond parochial mindsets. Inaction (Mt 25:14-30; Mt 25:1-13) and reduction (Matthew 20: 1–16) destroy our being and our world.

Leading Business with a Nondual Paradigm:
Heightened Integrity and Performance in the Workplace

Meditation on the Parables of the Laborers and the Talents


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