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Businesses strive to grow, expand, and be competitive, and today’s business environment requires skillful adaptation to stay afloat in an increasingly demanding and challenging race. It does not make sense for companies, large or small, to continue to operate at the same level as when they started. Eventually, they are confronted with the need to scale up and expand through organizational development, customer service, innovation, research and development, and market shares. This requires a change in the way of performing, made possible through implementation capabilities at every level of the company. The transformation requires more than organizational or institutional development. It ought to be multiform—including behavioral, structural, and operational. Companies are compelled to set up pillars supporting their capacity to be more competitive, expand, and improve performance. 

This online course presents a method for scaling up implementation capabilities through rapid results projects conducted in 100 days or less, and producing results as building blocks for enhanced business capabilities. The Rapid Results Approach has proven useful in allowing government institutions and private-sector companies—large and small—to improve their implementation capabilities through short-term projects leading to more efficient performance.

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